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Our Approach

Our Mission

To promote a natural healthy lifestyle that incorporates a well-balanced nutrient rich food intake and regular physical activity.

Our Story

 Our Story

The word Sattvika has its origin in Ayurveda and Yoga. The name Sattvika is derived from the Sanskrit word sattvic or sattvic, which means natural, pure and healthy.

We believe that empowering people with nutrition knowledge and software tools, promotes independence and gives them the ability to make intelligent decisions that are effective.


Get to know me

My Second Career

Yes, I am a vibrant, confident Indian American female software entrepreneur and registered dietitian nutritionist. 

I received my undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering from India, my graduate degree in Computer Science from the USA and started my rewarding career in the software industry in 1994.  At the age of 45, I enhanced my educational and professional qualifications with a degree in nutrition science and then acquired board certification as a RDN i.e. Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

My Education Qualifications

MS - Master's degree in Computer Science

BS - Bachelor's degree in Nutrition Science

BE - Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering

RDN - Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

I  founded my companies Sattvika Nutrition LLC® and Sattvika Tech LLC®, in 2012, to educate, raise awareness and promote the benefits of a natural normal healthy way of living. My software products and instructional videos are self-help tools that help you achieve your nutrition and fitness goals. I write educational nutrition articles that are based on the latest accurate published scientific research. I provide Corporate Wellness Nutrition Education programs.

I am the mother of 2 wonderful sons who are my true heroes and my true loves.

I believe that when I am good, I receive reciprocal good. It is possible to be savvy, talented, successful and good. And natural is always better.

I love to read, write, exercise, travel, garden, listen to music, and explore new foods & cultures. Just like most women, I do love beautiful clothes, pretty handbags, shoes and traditional Indian jewellery. Do read my social media blogs to enjoy all my discoveries.

Stay Fit n Spicy!

Mrs. Seetha


Every workout is progress towards success

Inspiration to collaborate on projects
Qualified talented professionals working together with me to achieve mutual success

Next Steps....

If you are interested in my nutrition consultation services, please include a detailed description of your project proposal, budget, timing and contact information.

Payment information and alternate methods of payments are provided in response to your first email.

Mrs. Seethalakshmi Seshabhushan Nagaraja


Every workout is progress towards success


Our reliable nutrition and fitness recommendations are a guide to a sustainable natural and healthy way of living. We use a normal method of communication and easy to understand language so that there is no miscommunication, no misrepresentation and no misinterpretation. Our software tools and nutrition education help you maintain your original natural good health and achieve your nutrition and fitness goals. We provide personalized nutrition recommendations based on a qualified medical professional’s evaluation.

We are not participating in biotechnology research. We are not participating in clinical trials. We do not provide biotechnology solutions. We do not provide biotechnology recommendations.

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