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Nutritonist Consultation - Recipe Nutrition Evaluation, Calculation & Modification

If you prefer to work with a nutritionist....

I work together with you and provide recipe creation, nutrition evaluation and recipe modification services. I can help create well-balanced meal plans that are healthy, nutritious, satisfying and suitable for your lifestyle.

I create recipe nutrition information in a concise and easy to understand table format that can be used in cookbooks, websites, & restaurant or cafeteria menus.

Depending on the complexity of the recipe, my Recipe Consultation fee is  -

  • Recipe Creation, Modification & Nutrient Content Evaluation - $1000 for 20 recipes
  • Meal Plans - $200 for 1 personal meal plan

Payment information and alternate methods of payments are provided in response to your first email.

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Indian Recipe Nutrition Labels

Here is the nutrition information for some Indian dishes. Recipe nutrient calculations have been generated by our Recipe Nutrition software.

Recipe Nutrition Information

Standard Kitchen & Cooking Measurements

People come in so many beautiful shapes, sizes and colors. How about your glasses, tumblers, katoris, cups, mugs and spoons?

While working on recipes for my website, I took a few pictures of my kitchenware to use as helpful examples of normal measurements used for cooking or when we eat and drink.

Here is a comparison of Tablespoon vs. teaspoon ....

Note that 3 teaspoons = 1 Tablespoon

Indian katori measurements

Here is a comparison of my 2/3 cup Indian katori vs. ½ cup Indian katori ….

Indian katori measurements

Here is a comparison of ¾ cup katori versus 1 cup ….

Which bowl containing 1 cup of cereal would satisfy you?

Here is what 1 cup of cereal looks like, in bowls of varying sizes and shapes ….

Stainless steel tumblers, coffee mugs & drinking glass measurements

Here is a comparison of my 10 oz. mug and 8 oz. & 4 oz. Indian tumblers ….

Guess which tumbler is popular with kids in India?

Stainless steel tumblers, coffee mugs & drinking glass measurements

Here is a comparison of my 10 oz. mug, 8 oz. glass and 4 oz. Indian tumbler ….

Test your nutrition science knowledge

    • South Indian filter coffee is normally served in which tumbler?
    • How much protein and calcium are you getting from your beverage?

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