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What is lean body mass?

Lean body mass refers to muscles which is usually greater in physically fit people, athletes and men.

The benefit of a higher lean body mass isn’t just a good-looking toned appearance. Having a higher lean body mass raises the rate at which we utilize the energy from food for basic normal body functions. This means that a person with greater lean body mass has a higher metabolic rate. Having a higher metabolic rate is desirable for good health.

Regular exercise that includes resistance training as well as maintaining healthy weight results in higher lean body mass.
Staying active throughout life and weight training helps us burn calories, stay healthy as well as maintain an optimal metabolic rate.

Kilocalories utilized by a 150-lb individual during physical activity

Food or Drinkkilocalories or kcal
Food or Drink
Physical Activitykilocalories or kcal
utilized during the
Physical Activity
Duration of the Physical Activity
in minutes
Amma’s Kitchen Kerala Mixture Hot
1 oz.
150Walking the dog15044
12 fluid oz.
153Bicycling (general)15318
Fairlife Chocolate Milk
2% reduced fat
340 ml
200Cricket (batting, bowling, fielding)20237
Clif Builder’s 20 g Protein Bar Chocolate
1 bar
270Weight lifting (light or moderate effort)27380
Coca Cola Classic
12 fluid ounce
140Bird watching (slow walk)14250
Fage nonfat Greek yogurt with honey
150 g
170Calisthenics (sit-ups & crunches)17254
Nanak Gulab Jamun in sugar
1 piece
200Running 5 miles per hour (12-minute mile)20822 minutes for a 150-lb individual to utilize 208 kilocalories
Nanak Gulab Jamun in sugar
1 piece
200Running 5 miles per hour (12-minute mile)20318 minutes for a 180-lb individual to utilize 203 kilocalories
Kaju Katli
50 g
225Walking / Running playing with children (moderate effort)22757
Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Crunch
1 cup with 3/4 cup skim milk
250Hiking (walking at normal pace)25342
Red wine
3.5 fluid oz.
88Sitting, reading book, newspaper, etc.8960
Silk Soymilk Light Original
1 cup
60video exercise workouts (e.g., yoga, stretching), light effort6023
All Natural Simply Grapefruit 100% grapefruit juice
8 fluid oz.
100sitting tasks, light effort (e.g., office work, chemistry lab work, computer work, reading, desk work)10260
Simply Orange Country Stand orange juice with pulp
8 fluid oz.
110Martial Arts moderate effort (e.g. judo, jujitsu, karate, kick boxing, etc.)11710
SlimFast Original Rich Chocolate Royale
11 fluid oz.
180cleaning house, general, moderate effort18048 minutes for a 150-lb individual to utilize 180 kilocalories
SlimFast Original Rich Chocolate Royale
11 fluid oz.
180cleaning house, general, moderate effort18040 minutes for a 180-lb individual to utilize 180 kilocalories
Talenti Belgian Milk Chocolate Gelato
2/3 cup
290Stair-Treadmill (general)29729
Terra Real Vegetable Chips (Original / Mediterranean)
1 oz.
150Jogging (general)15119
White wine
3.5-ounce glass
84Sitting, singing8441
Wonderful Lightly Salted Pistachios
½ cup with shells
150Gardening (general, moderate effort)15135

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